Doodle Galaxy Invaders - Web Game - Audio Programming and Sound Design

Sound designed using mainly sound synthesis and manipulation in ProTools and Logic Pro. Sounds implemented and mix in Adobe Flash (ActionScript 3.0)

I have been given this web game with no sound at all. As a pretty simple arcade game, I tried to make it more interesting by programming some interactive audio behavior.

First of all, I added three lines in the interface, each one generating a sinusoide, triangle or square signal each time an enemy crosses it. The more enemies approach, the more signals are generated, increasing the stress level.

I programmed the randomization of the enemy spawning sound, explosions, and of the player's laser. Each laser randomly pick a note in a major scale, tuned to the background atmosphere.

I also added a stereo function. So the player can hear in the stereo image where an enemy has spawn.

My concept was to make the game composed  its own soundtrack interactively, to make the game more attractive and less repetitive using randomization and stereo spatialization.