The Witcher III - Reworked Trailer



  • This is a re-work of the trailer of "The Witcher III".

  • Sound editing and ADR recordings made in ProTools HD, and mixed in 5.1 on a SSL Duality and ProTools. This is a stereo reduction.

  • I recorded a lot of foley for the main characters (footsteps and clothing). The witch's scream is a creaking door mixed with a seal, sampled and looped in a sampler.

  • I builded a whooshes and sword hits  library for this video, using different techniques (recording, Doppler effect, ...).

  • ADR recorded in ProTools HD with a SSL AWS and an AKG C414.

  • I composed the film's score in Logic Pro X, using Kontakt and diverse libraries.  Mixed in 5.1 in ProTools HD.